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JOOB Pt900



Hardness Hv260 SD14.8σ (n-1)

Resistance 691MPa

Streching S/31% H/12%

 Gravity 18.58g/cc

*Patent Pending


Even though higher purity and
resistance brings out the excellence in this material,
Platinum as a bare metal is still soft,
easy to scratch and deform; therefore,
delicate design is not suitable.  


“JOOB Pt900” contains a special metal formula,
3 times harder than existing Pt900 called Hv260.
Eliminating the fear of scratches and deformation
and a more delicate design will be available.
New types of platinum jewelry can be explored.  


The problem with platinum is hardness decreases
when the purity goes higher.
Processing and fine work such as prong setting is very difficult
and easy to break with existing platinum when hardness is increased.
“JOOB Pt 900” solved these problems,
not only increased hardness,
but also easier to process and less chance of breaking.
“JOOB Pt900” brings possibility for sleeker design,
complex shapes, delicate prong setting
to enhance the beauty of jewelry
that existing platinum could not accomplish.